Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., has been providing crane, aerial lift, and telehandler rentals, sales, and service for over 25 years. We’ve served thousands of customers in that time. Here are just a few of the many kudos we’ve received from satisfied clients.

Crane and Lift Services

Just would like to let you know that I worked with Stevenson’s rigging crew on the 345kv Breaker replacement at Braidwood Station. The crew members were knowledgeable, helpful and above all worked safely. They were a huge help in replacing the BT 1-8 345kv Breaker in a safe and timely manner.

Crew Leader Substation Construction

Lifting Equipment Sales

I am always grateful for the way you people at Stevenson take care of us. I call, someone answers, we agree to whatever we are asking for and it gets done – and it is done right. No voice mail, no excuses – just results. From a customer’s perspective, it just does not get any better than that. But at times it actually does.

You sent us Jimbo and Lumpy to the Windfarm job and we finished a real bad job in near record time. They have to be the best team you have – and please do not read into this that any of them are bad. No arguing, no complaining, nothing damaged and no one hurt. They even helped us with things beyond what we would have expected.

Thanks for being so helpful to us. And thanks to all of your good people.

Director of Operations and Field Services – North America Chicago Office

Lifting Equipment Rental

I wanted to take a minute to send my thanks for the support provided to COMED recently. We had crane work at DCC 90 Skokie, TSS 85 Skokie, ABBVIE in North Chicago and TDC 216 Mt Prospect respectively. All of these jobs went really well.

The ABBVIE pole job was impressive given the distance and the windy conditions. The delivery to TDC 216 also went really well under some challenging conditions. The low power lines and the tight quarters in that yard made for a challenging pick and your folks did an excellent job, AGAIN. I really appreciate how well they do what they do.

I also want to say thanks to Shawn and his crews for the work they did sliding the transformers at TSS 85 Skokie and TDC 216 Mt. Prospect.Those crews worked really well together, like they knew what each other was doing at each step of the job. The stamina it took to deal with that heat was also impressive. Can’t say it enough.

Heavy Hauling Supervisor

Stevenson Carry Deck Crane

I wanted to thank the two operators – Charlie Martin and Marc Recker.  This was a tough job maneuvering a wheel alignment section thru the Ford Assembly plant and setting it into a pit.  Very little head room and the piece came in 9,000 lbs. heavy making it more difficult for the 22-Ton carry decks.  I appreciated their patience and helpful ideas to complete the job.

Ford Assembly Plant

Sullivan Center

The professionalism, attention to safety...exhibited by each and every member of the crew was simply remarkable.

Sullivan Center Project

disaster recovery

You were able to safely meet an aggressive schedule while dealing with precarious tower structures and cable tension... thank you again for your hard and efficient work.

Emergency Tornado Response

oak park

Again, the experience of Stevenson's field personnel was evident in the way each step was accomplished in a safe and efficient manner.

1120 Lake Street Redevelopment

City of Chicago Museum Park Tower One

You are a valuable partner to us and we appreciate you and your team making our safety culture part of your culture.

Museum Park Tower One