Equipment Inspections and Function Tests for Safe, Reliable Operation

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Inspections and function tests before operation

In a prior post, we discussed the importance of aerial lift training not only just for safety’s sake, but also to make your company more competitive with qualified operators.

A large part of the training includes ensuring that adequate equipment inspections and function tests are completed before a machine is operated.

Stevenson Crane is Genie Lift Pro Authorized Training Center regarding the safe and proper operation of self-propelled scissor lifts, self-propelled boom lifts, towable boom lifts, and manually propelled vertical mast lifts. Recently, Genie published an excellent article on LinkedIn and on their blog:

Here they discuss not only the importance of pre-operation inspections of the equipment and function tests, but they also include the ever-important workplace inspection. As we mentioned before, a wide variety of hazards may present themselves on a job site, and it’s important to be aware of anything that can cause bodily or equipment damage from tipping, falling, crushing, etc.

Some important hazards for which to look may include:

  • Drop-offs or holes
  • Overhead Obstructions
  • Floor obstructions or debris
  • Sloped surfaces
  • High voltage situations
  • Wind & Weather Conditions

These and more are listed in Genie’s article.

Take heed regarding what they state: “Always remember that it’s the operator’s responsibility to read and remember the work place hazards, as well as to watch for and avoid them while moving, setting up and operating the aerial work platforms.” But, also remember it’s the user/employer’s responsibility to ensure proper training is provided to operators.

Inspections Not Just for Aerial Lifts

Pre-operation inspection and function tests are not exclusive to aerial lifts, naturally. As the video below from Jekko Mini-Cranes demonstrates, the operation of cranes (large and small), telehandlers, industrial forklifts, lift trucks, or any other machinery which may be present on a job site, requires system checks prior to use for safety’s sake.

Not sure where to start with regard to operating equipment? Our professional trainers can help your team to properly conduct pre-operating equipment inspections and function tests. Check out the training classes we offer.

Also, if you want to learn more about Jekko Mini Cranes, click here.

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