Get Yourself a Gehl: Now Is the Best Time In History!

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Gehl Telehandlers

Considered the “Swiss Army Knives” of the job site, telehandlers are some of the most useful, rugged, economical, and (frankly) cool pieces of equipment out there. Telescoping material handlers (a.k.a. “telehandlers), commonly referred to as “Lulls” because of the original (now discontinued) manufacturer, perform a wide variety of tasks lifting and hauling material of all kinds where it needs to be, even several stories up.

Gehl offers superior load capacities, excellent visibility, and a tight turning radius. Their compact design, rear-axle stabilization system, modular attachments, and multi-section booms put Gehl telehandlers in a class of their own in terms of efficiency and versatility.

Special Specs for a Special Family of Equipment

Stevenson Crane added over 40 machines to their inventory, and we need to find a home for each. With eight different models from which to choose, you can be sure that you’ll have access to the right handler for your fleet. In addition to having the standard base specifications, many of these new machines are outfitted with Stevenson Crane’s own custom modifications including heat, AC, Solid Flex Tires, a light package, and custom carriage specs. With all of these great features, we also have excellent prices on each telehandler in stock.

Also, for a limited time, Gehl is offering special financing and leasing options so you can make one of these beasts your own! Now is the time to take advantage of these finance rates before they rise, which they will!

You can learn more about these machines by clicking the link below:

Get a Gehl Now!

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