The Jekko Mini Crane That Is Making a Big Impact

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The Jekko Mini Crane That Is Making a Big Impact

Stevenson Crane has added a new machine to its diverse fleet: the Jekko Mini SPD 360 C+ Electric Crane. Jekko mini cranes are a testament to the years of experience within lifting and handling for both light and heavy construction industries. Compact design, easy-to-use features, cost savings: this is the little machine that could revolutionize the way you work

Electric “mini cranes” are a relatively new innovation to the world of lifting equipment. By the very nature of being “mini,” the compact footprint helps companies lift increasingly larger loads and maneuver easily within confined spaces by a single operator. It is also purposefully kept to a minimum size to allow for the machine to fit through double and single entry doors. The reduced weight and dimensions also allow for rapid deployment, entry to lifts/elevators, the ability to operate on raised levels, and no extended setup time outside of routine inspections.

Aside from its size, one of the main benefits of mini electric cranes like the Jekko Mini SPD 360 is fuel efficiency. Electric cranes are part of an ongoing “green fleet” trend because they eliminate risks from diesel and fossil fuels normally associated with operating a crane, meaning no fluid leaks, exhaust, or excessive noise with up to 1.5 hours of consistent use. There’s also no spark in the ignition which is important in certain volatile environments.

Even if being green is not a priority for your business, the Jekko Mini has more features that make it a practical choice: tracks for better distribution of weight, outriggers with four radial settings for maximum stability, a boom length of 12’ 10,” and functions that can go either full-speed or to pinpoint accuracy. The ability to lift nearly 900 pounds while accessing closed-off spaces and reaching up and over to 25 feet puts this machine in direct competition with larger, more expensive mobile cranes at a fraction of the cost. This versatility will give optimal solutions to a multitude of industries: utility service and repair, municipalities, restoration companies, glaziers, manufacturers, water treatment plants, power plants, museums, and even food facilities.

The upward trend in space-saving mini cranes will most likely continue to rise with dramatic increases in construction costs. In Chicago alone, the construction index has increased 4.3 percent throughout 2017 and experienced one of the strongest quarterly growth rates over the last several years, with project owners anticipating cost increases on non-residential jobs of 4 percent in 2017. Construction employment, on the other hand, has been plateauing. The lower comparable price of the Jekko Mini Crane, plus its one-man operating system, makes it an attractive buy for firms needing to cut costs.

The Jekko Mini Crane is also equipped with advancements in information technology, including a monitoring system that sends alerts to operators and owners of maintenance needs, and the ability to perform a self-software check to ensure high performance. Basically, warehouse communication barriers are knocked down and a level of transparency is achieved.

The value-added service of information also helps resale. Certain telematic programs can help build a product history file of how a machine was used, how hard it worked, fault codes it experienced, how codes were addressed, how much fuel it burned, and if maintenance was done on schedule.

Migration towards more sophisticated telematics has transformed fleet management over the past two decades. Older models have become obsolete in favor of developing data-based metrics that are simple-to-use and result in more predictive analytics, higher productivity, and better decision-making. Telematics also gives warehouse or site managers more control over their team. Risks associated with idling, speeding, miles driven, and unauthorized usage virtually disappear due to remote-powered operations and pre-set controls. The working relationship between man and machine assures everyone and everything on the floor is productively busy.

The abundance of opportunity packed into a smaller machine gives Jekko Mini Cranes an extra layer of value and security, making it a wise investment for companies wanting to implement smart engineering without compromising on overall lifting capabilities.

Are you interested in acquiring a Jekko Mini Crane for your company? Contact us to learn more.

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