Manitou MRT Series vs. Merlo Roto: Rotating Telehandler Face-Off

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Merlo VS. Manitou

It’s not surprising that telescoping material handlers are gaining in popularity. With powerful lifting capacities, tight turn radii, long reaches, and changeable attachments, they can be an all-in-one toolbox on the job.

One of the rising stars on job sites across the nation (and, indeed, around the world), is the rotating telehandler. These handlers are more than just forklifts. Their long extendable booms, modular attachments, rotating carriages, and stabilizing outriggers make them extremely valuable. They are able to do a variety of tasks in one place – including acting as cranes, aerial lifts, and loaders – depending on the attachment used.

When searching for a telehandler online, you’ll find a variety of different manufacturers. Manitou leads the pack with their vibrant red MRT Series of rotating telehandlers. Another brand is Merlo. Their machines with their signature bright green color are a popular search term, and they are used extensively in Europe. But, Mantiou’s MRT Series gives Merlo a run for their money.

Why We Chose Manitou

When we look at the top machines in each lineup, we noticed some distinct differences which made Manitou our go-to equipment. Let’s look at the Manitou MRT 3255 Privilege and the Merlo Roto 60.24 MCSS rotating telehandlers.

At first glance, there are a few similarities. Each machine has a full 360° of rotation and outriggers for stability. Each feature a hydrostatic transmission, a width of 8’ 2”, and each have four wheel drive. Also, each has about a 6-Ton lift capacity. Now, let’s have a look at the major differences:

  1. Lift Height: The Merlo has only 78’ 5” maximum lift height while the Manitou features and impressive 103’ 7”, the longest in the industry.
  2. Attachment Adaptability: Manitou’s E-Reco system automatically recognizes attachments and adjusts the machine’s performance based on the maximum work envelope for each task.
  3. Multifunction Joysticks: The Manitou MRT Series telehandlers feature two electro-hydraulic joysticks for the ultimate in multifunction handling. The Merlo only has a single joystick which is not as intuitive and which limits the ability to do different operations simultaneously.
  4. Stability: Each machine has automatic leveling systems, but the Manitou’s tilt correction system and telescopic outriggers are far “beefier” than those on the Merlo and give the telehandler up to a 23’ 2” width for incredible stability.
  5. Build: Just a quick look at the two machines, and you have to agree that the Manitou simply looks more heavy duty. Moreover, the weight of the Manitou is a hefty 52,880 lbs. as opposed to the troublesome 41,226 lbs. weight of the Merlo.
  6. Boom Construction: The Manitou’s boom isn’t simply a box… it’s pentagonal design prevents excessive wear and play within the boom.
  7. Operator Cab: When you compare the two machines in terms of comfort, Manitou has taken every effort to make a spacious cab, reclining seat, and powerful suspension that beats the best of Merlo.
  8. Engine: The Merlo has only a 176 HP engine, while the MRT 3255 has a Mercedes 231 HP engine at work.

Give Manitou a Closer Look

You can learn more about Manitou MRT Rotating Telehandlers by clicking the link below.

View The Manitou MRT Line

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Watch the Video

Watch this video of the MRT 3255 from Manitou.

3 Responses to "Manitou MRT Series vs. Merlo Roto: Rotating Telehandler Face-Off"
  1. Steve says:

    Accurate comparison, the data speaks for itself. The Manitou MRT quality and flexibility have far better value on the job to gain efficiency with less downtime… Just sayin

  2. Chris Mathijs says:

    Manitou is proud to have Stevenson Crane as dealer for the Chicago region. Stevenson Crane is promoting the rotating telehandler concept and other Manitou product lines. They are bringing new concepts and more efficient solutions to their customers. This is combined with a high level service. With Stevenson Crane, Manitou is by far market leader in the rotating telehandler market.

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