[Video] Manitou’s 11,000 lbs.-Capacity Masted Forklift

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Manitou M50-4 forklift

Meet one of the newest members of the Stevenson Crane fleet: the Manitou M 50-4 forklift. This remarkable machine is not only powerful with an 11,000 lbs. lifting capacity, but it’s highly versatile being equally at home on flat ground as well as on rough terrain.

The M 50-4 has gained popularity with our customers, particularly for jobs where our rigging professionals are called into play. There are some great reasons why this beauty is being requested by name among our project managers helping clients. First, there we have its ample lifting capacity. Then, there’s its ability to move easily on uneven ground thanks to a powerful 75hp Deisel Perkins engine and generously sized pneumatic tires. But, it also has 12’ 2” worth of maximum lift height.

For a rough terrain forklift with all of that muscle, it has a pretty compact design with a nice tight turn radius of 14’ 12”. This forklift displays it’s nimbleness by being able to move across a job site (always with safety in mind) with a max speed of 14.9 mph (unladen). Furthermore, it’s a dream to operate with a spacious cab, 360° surround view, and intuitive controls. A forklift operator will feel right at home in one of these guys!

Watch the Video of This Forklift

Interested in seeing this forklift in action? Click on the short video below, and prepare to be impressed.

Check out the full specs of this machine by clicking on the link below, or, better yet, request a quote for adding one to your next project!

View the Manitou M 50-4 Specs

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