Manitou M50-4 forklift

Manitou M50-4: 11,000 lbs. Masted Forklift

Our Manitou M50-4 11,000 lbs. Masted Forklift is available for sale, for bare rental, or manned by one of our highly trained and certified Local #150 Operators.


Product Description

The Manitou M50-4 11,000 lbs. Masted Forklift is designed for activities which need to be performed on rough terrain or where obstacles are present. With 4-wheel drive, 1′ 5″ ground clearance and a turning radius of 14′ 12″, this machine offers excellent maneuverability regardless of the circumstances. And for even best handling on rough terrain, its wide pneumatic tires help to provide optimal performance.

The driver’s cab is accessible from both sides and offers a spacious working area with ergonomic controls. And with full 360° surround view, ground team safety is enhanced as well.

Additional Information




11,000 lbs.

Lift Height

12′ 2″

Stowed Height

9′ 6″


6′ 10″

Weight (lbs)



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