Manitou MHT 10225

Manitou MHT 10225: 50,000 lbs. High-Capacity Telehandler

Our Manitou MHT 10225 50,000 lbs. High-Capacity Telehandler is available for sale, for bare rental, or manned by one of our highly trained and certified Local #150 Crane Operators.


Product Description

The Manitou MHT 10225 50,000 lbs. High-Capacity Telehandler is capable of flexibly and safely transporting heavy, larger loads with complete precision. With its unfailing robustness, you have all of the solidity you need for the activity at hand. The large number of compatible attachments available make it a truly versatile multi-tool carrier, whilst the ergonomic driver’s cab features intuitive controls which can be grasped immediately by the operator. Comfort and the panoramic view provide optimum working conditions and help contribute to safety during delicate handling operations.

You could, for example, transport large pieces of rock or marble at a quarry or handle long components such as steel bars, rails or metallic structures. It’s also useful when maintaining mining equipment, changing wheels, replacing cylinders or shifting conveyors.

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Additional Information




50,000 lbs.

Boom Length


Max Height

22′ 04″

Max Reach

31′ 10″


19′ 04″

Weight (lbs)



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