Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts

Stevenson Crane provides aerial lifts from the best manufactures in the world. Available for bare rent or for sale, these scissor lifts will carry you where you need to be to tackle those jobs otherwise out of reach. In addition to electric scissor lifts, our rough terrain scissor lifts are rugged, construction-grade machines with positive traction control to help you be productive regardless of the conditions.

The JLG 4394RT is a rough terrain aerial lift with a 1500 lbs. capacity, a 43′ platform height, and a fast 43-second lift and lower time. This 4WD aerial lift is all about productivity and safety. Contact one of our lifting professionals today for more information.

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Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

MakeModelPlatform HTWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Specs
GenieGS3390RT33'’ 00”"90”"13,760Download
Haulotte3368RT33’' 04”"68”"8,445Download
JLG4394RT43'’ 0”0"94”"15,300Download
GenieGS4390RT43'’ 00”"90”"14,761Download
SkyjackSJ III-925050'’ 00”"92”"15,200Download
HaulotteHS5388RT52'’ 05”"88”"16,097Download

Electric Scissor Lifts

MakeModelPlatform HTWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Specs
HaulotteLiteRiser 10SP10'’ 00”"27”"1,150Download
Custom EquipmentHybrid 143014'’ 00”"30”"1,650Download
SkyjackSJ III-321919'’ 00”"31”"2,580Download
GenieGS193018'’ 11"”30”"3,131Download
Haulotte1930E19'’ 00”"30”"3,131Download
JLG1932RS19'’ 00”"32”"3,450Download
SkyjackSJ III-322020' 00"32"3,510Download
HaulotteCompact 2032E20'’ 03”"32”"3,815Download
SkyjackSJ III-322626'’ 00”"32”"4,135Download
HaulotteCompact 2632E26'’ 03”"32”"4,760Download
HaulotteCompact 2747E26'’ 08”"47”"5,138Download
GenieGS323226'’ 00”"32”"5,185Download
SkyjackSJ III-462627’' 01”"68”"7,343Download
GenieGS324632'’ 00”"46”"5,211Download
HaulotteCompact 3347E32'’ 10”"47”"5,799Download
JLG3248RS32'’ 00”"48”"6,050Download
HaulotteCompact 3947E39'’ 04”"47”"6,990Download
GenieGS4069DC40'’ 00”"69”"10,245Download