Straight Boom Lift

Straight Boom Lifts

If you need to get to a job “way up there”, you can count on our impressive straight booms lifts to get you there! These aerial lifts are available as rentals or for sale. Don’t forget that Stevenson Crane not only maintains a comprehensive fleet of aerial lifts, but our expert technicians keep our equipment in top condition for your safety and productivity. We also service and repair aerial lifts.

Featuring the Genie SX-180, an impressive 180′ boom lift, Stevenson Crane has straight booms lifts available for rent or for sale. From manufacturers including JLG, Genie, and Haulotte, you can expect world-class lifting power to get you to new heights. Contact us today for a quote.

View Straight Boom Lifts

MakeModelPlatform HTHoriz. ReachWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Specs
HaulotteHB4039'’ 07”"53' 01"7'’ 07”"13,318Download
GenieS60X60'’ 00”"50' 10"8'’ 02”"20,740Download
GenieS60XC60'’ 00”"50' 10"8'’ 02”"21,967Download
JLG600S60’' 03”"49' 06"8'’ 02”"21,800Download
GenieS6565'’ 00”"56' 02"7’' 12”"25,000Download
JLG660SJ67'’ 00"56' 09"8'’ 00”"28,922Download
JLG660SJC66' 8"56' 9"8' 2"27100 lbDownload
GenieS8585'’ 00”"76' 06"8'’ 02”"38,000Download
JLG860SJ86'’ 00”"75' 00"8’' 00”"36,400Download
GenieS125125'’ 02”"80' 00"11’' 00”"44,640Download
JLG1350SJP135'’ 00”"80' 00"8'’ 02”"45,000Download
JLG1500SJ150'’ 00”"80' 00"12'’ 06”"48,000Download
GenieSX-180180'’ 00”"80' 00"16'’ 06”"54,000Download
JLG1850SJ185'’ 07”"80' 00"16'’ 06”"60,300Download