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All Terrain Cranes

Stevenson provides and entire line of all terrain cranes by Liebherr. From the 60-Ton LTM 1060-3.1 to the 600-Ton LTM 1500-8.1, these highly mobile cranes are cost effective, safe, and efficient to deploy. All terrain cranes are advantageous because they feature long booms with high capacities.

Our all terrain cranes are only available operated by our highly trained Local #150 Crane Operators to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of your project’s safety and profitability.

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MakeModelCapacityBoom LengthMax. HeightHydraulic Jib?Load Chart
LiebherrLTM 1060-3.160 Ton157'207'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1090-4.1110 Ton169'246'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1100-2120 Ton171'232'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1095-5.1130 Ton190'269'YesDownload
LiebherrLTM 1130-5.1165 Ton197'299'YesDownload
LiebherrLTM 1160-5.2200 Ton203'325'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1200-1250 Ton197'326'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1200-5.1250 Ton236'331'YesDownload
LiebherrLTM 1220-5.2275 Ton197'331'YesDownload
LiebherrLTM 1250-6.1300 Ton236'323'YesDownload
LiebherrLTM 1300-6.2300 Ton256'374'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1400-7.1550 Ton197'387'NoDownload
LiebherrLTM 1500-8.1600 Ton279'465'YesDownload