Shuttlelift Carry Deck Cranes

Carry Deck Cranes

Stevenson Crane added Shuttlelift Carry Deck cranes to the fleet in 2005 specifically for the industrial and commercial markets. Shuttlelift’s Carry Deck line of industrial cranes offers you a durable and versatile crane in a compact design. Each unit features a telescoping boom and a load deck. Most of our Carry Deck line is dual-fuel to serve both your indoor and outdoor lifting needs.

Our 8.5 Ton – 25 Ton capacity Carry Deck cranes are available insured and manned by skilled and licensed Local #150 Crane Operators or as bare rentals.

In addition to our popular carrydeck cranes, we also offer Electric Pick and Carry Cranes from leading manufacturer JMG. These cranes are ideal for indoor use for a variety of different applications. Plus, they feature modular attachments making them highly prized for their versatility.

View Carry Deck Cranes

MakeModelCapacity (lbs)Boom LengthOutrigger/WidthLengthWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart
Shuttlelift3330F8.5 Ton30'’ 02”"10'’ 02”"11'’ 11.75”"6’' 06”"16,560Download
Shuttlelift33399 Ton32' 0"10' 02"11'’ 11.75”"6' 5"15,800Download
Shuttlelift3340B10.5 Ton32'’ 10”"11’' 02”"12' 00"6'’ 07”"17,520Download
Shuttlelift5540F15 Ton41'’ 00”"12'’ 03”"14' 01"8'’ 00”"28,584Download
Shuttlelift5560B18 Ton54'’ 06”"13'’ 10”"14' 1.25"7'’ 10”"32,560Download
Shuttlelift552020 Ton54'’ 06”"15'’ 04”"15' 03"7'’ 11”"36,364Download
Shuttlelift775522 Ton67'’ 00”"15'’ 04”"16' 05"8’' 00”"43,000Download
Shuttlelift772525 Ton71’' 04”"16'’ 01”"17' 05"8'’ 01”"44,873Download

View Electric Pick and Carry Cranes

MakeModelCapacityBoom LengthJib LengthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart
JMGMC 11024,200 lbs23' 6"3' 3"30.140Download
JMGMC 30066,000 lbs27' 8"9' 10"61,600Download