Electric Cranes

Electric Cranes

Electric cranes are a relatively new innovation in the world of lifting equipment. These “minicranes” offer companies the opportunity to lift increasingly bigger loads maneuvered easily within confined spaces by a single operator. Small electric cranes eliminate the risks associated with operating a crane indoors because there are no diesel or other fossil-fuel emissions. There is no spark to the ignition, which is important when operating in certain volatile environments. Fully-electric cranes eliminate fluid leaks, exhaust, excessive noise, and other challenges.

The trend for cranes to be specifically modified to perform various particular tasks on a job site is expected to continue. Electric cranes and other small cranes can be found in many different industries including utility service and repair, municipalities, restoration companies, manufacturers, water treatment plants, power plants, museums, and even food facilities.

Electronic cranes boast some of the latest technological features as well including controls for better maneuvering, monitoring systems, and alerting operators and owners of maintenance needs.

Electric cranes by JMG, Jekko, and Maeda, the leading manufacturers of this type of crane, are available for rent or sale. Talk to one of our crane experts today for a quote!

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MakeModelCapacityBoom LengthJib LengthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart
JekkoMPK 20 Lite1950 lbs12' 10"2' 07"3,190Download
JekkoSPD 360 C+3960 lbs27' 11"11' 02"5,280Download
JekkoMPK 204400 lbs12' 10"2' 07"3,190Download
JMGMC 204400 lbs12' 11"4' 7"4300Download
MaedaMC 285 C6210 lbs31' 10"N/A4,330Download
JMGMC 327000 lbs13' 1"2'6,600Download
HerkulesRK11-311 MK II17,303 lbs34' 00"8'13,670Download
JMGMC 11024,200 lbs23' 6"3' 3"30,140Download
JMGMC 30066,000 lbs27' 8"9' 10"61,600Download