Rigging Equipment


We provide top-notch rigging equipment for rent to help secure and get your heavy load into position for transport. Our comprehensive inventory of state-of-the-art rigging gear comes from leading manufacturers including Hydra-Slide and Hilman. We take great care in servicing and maintaining our equipment so you are ensured the best possible safety and reliability when moving heavy cargo.

Transporting and maneuvering industrial equipment, power transformers, mechanical units, or heavy machinery can be done precisely with our expansive fleet of equipment skillfully used by professional union riggers. We have helped customers from a variety of different industries rig and haul various different loads under many different conditions. Whether your project requires a low-profile jack-and-slide system or a turntable to accurately change direction, you can count on our rigging equipment to provide the right solution.


Some of the equipment we use to ensure a safe and secure project include the following:

Hydra-Slide Track System for low-profile heavy equipment moving up to 500 Tons
500-Ton Capacity Hydra-Slide Turntable for rotating loads
Jack System for Rigging
Jacks, Staging Stands, Air Skates, Power Rollers, Spreader Beams, and High Capacity Modular Beams
Hilman Traksporter
Hilman Traksporter machinery-moving unit for low-profile moving up to 100 Tons
Hydraulic Gantry
Hydraulic Gantries
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