Lube-A-Boom Grease Guns

Grease Guns for Lubrication Application

Lube-A-Boom® products have various application options. These grease guns and tools, available from Stevenson Crane Service, Inc.’s parts and service department, can help make the most out of your investment of Lube-A-Boom by ensuring accuracy of application, reduction of waste, and ease of use.


Lube-A-Boom Gun 1Lube-A-Boom Gun 1

This spray gun gives you the best possible control when using Lube-A-Boom aerosol products. Affordable and reliable, these are a must-have for any job site using Lube-A-Boom grease, Lube-a-Rope, Lube-A-Gear, Lube-A-Boom Clear, and Lube-A-Boom Dry Film.

LubeJet-Eco Spray GunLubeJet-Eco Spray Gun

This is the model that Stevenson Crane uses on our own equipment. The LubeJect-Eco allows the user to pneumatically deliver the right grease flow, volume, and spray pattern without the need for propellants or chemical additives such as solvents. This high-quality spray gun is made from durable stainless steel. Reduce wasted grease costs and messy clean-up with this fine tool.

Lube Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease GunLube Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease Gun

This zinc-plated steel barrel grease gun works with the Lube Shuttle cartridges available for Lube-A-Boom and Lube-A-Pin. It is ergonomic and has a pressure capability of approximately 300 bar, 4350 psi. You can easily monitor your grease level, and, with no spray cans to throw out, it’s an environmentally friendly option. Mess is reduced when compared to a typical grease cartridge. Plus, no air pumps are required for operation.

Lube Shuttle Lever Grease GunLube Shuttle Lever Grease Gun

The lever-style grease gun delivers approximately 400 bar, 5800 psi. It has many of the same benefits as the pistol grip grease gun by reducing waste, allowing for clean and fast loading and unloading, allowing for easy monitoring of grease levels, and not requiring an air supply for delivery of lubrication.

pneuMat055 sprayerPneuMAT055

Available in a static, non-moving configuration or a mobile configuration on wheels, this system is developed to allow for easy application of Lube-A-Boom and Lube-A-Pin products from either 120 lbs. kegs or 400 lbs. barrels.

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