Lube-A-Boom Aerosols

LUBE-A-BOOM® Lubrication Aerosols

Lube-A-Boom provides a variety of their lubricants in handy aerosol cans. In addition to being small, portable and always ready to be applied, aerosol cans provide an additional benefit, the ability to apply the products in hard-to-reach areas with the aid of an attached (but optional) straw. Learn more about the variety of premium aerosol lubricants from Lube-A-Boom.

Aerosol Products

Lube-A-Boom Grease Aerosol 15ozLube-A-Boom Grease

This is the same synthetic calcium sulfonate formula containing PFTE trusted by crane and lifting professionals across the nation is available in a convenient 15 oz aerosol spray can.

Lube-A-Boom Clear Silicone 11ozLube-A-Boom Clear

This multi-purpose heavy-duty silicone lubricant can be used on components that slide, roll, rotate, or squeak. It provides a clear anti-corrosive water-resistant film that prevents rust. You can use this product on most rubber seals and surfaces with confidence.

Lube-A-Boom Dry Film Aerosol 12ozLube-A-Boom Dry Film

For the use on open gears, extendable axles, outriggers, and counterweights, Lube-A-Boom Dry Film for a quick-drying film that is resistant to high temperatures and continuous friction. It repels dust and particulate, and works great under extreme pressure.

Lube-A-Rope Aerosol 16ozLube-A-Rope™

This chain and cable aerosol lubricant contains molybdenum disulfide (moly) for excellent protection and lubrication. It penetrates deep into chains and cables to help protect against corrosion from saltwater immersion and other moisture by repelling water. Unlike other similar products, it will not fly off in use and aggressively clings to hoist chains, sprockets, wire ropes, etc.

Lube A Gear 12ozLube-A-Gear™

This product is specifically formulated to be used on open gears. It provides a tacky film that will not harden or flake off, even at low temperatures. It’s also excellent for use on rotating bearings and semi-closed gears.


Get seven Lube-A-Boom products in one easy and convenient package which includes wipes.

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