Hirschmann / PAT Mobile Crane Operator Aids

Hirschmann / PAT Mobile Crane Operator Aids

Cranes, telehandlers, and forklifts are powerful tools on a jobsite, but they are also highly sensitive, sophisticated pieces of mobile machinery. They are subject to problems due to incorrect load sizes at various elevations and reaches, wind shear, hydraulic pressure changes, and other factors. Avoid costly mistakes by equipping your machines with the right mobile crane operator aids including sensors, consoles, and I/O modules by Hirschmann (a Belden Brand) to measure the dimensions of those influencing factors.

For decades, the Hirschmann / PAT brand has been trusted by manufacturers and end users as an aftermarket solution to provide precise and accurate feedback to the operators of mobile machinery. Safety is the most important engineering task and has always been at the heart of Stevenson Crane’s operations. The technology engineered by Hirschmann ensures data you can trust to make your projects as safe as possible.

Control Solutions

Choose from the following measurement systems to learn more about Hirschmann / PAT products:


Load Moment Indicators



Sales, Service, and Support

Our expert lifting professionals are here to help. From selecting the right configuration of mobile machine control solutions to installation to tech support, you can count on us to deliver superior service to these leading-edge technology solutions. Our first concern is the safety of your projects, and by ensuring that this equipment is chosen, installed, and maintained correctly, you have taken the right steps toward incident-free projects done with precision.

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