Hirschmann fSENS Force Measurement Sensors

fSENS Force Measurement Sensors

Hirschmann fSENS Force Sensors assure precise measurement of static and dynamic loads under various mechanical conditions.

Forces – such as tension, compression, or shearing – can be accurately measured via specially adapted gauging devices.

Force Measurement for various applications

Applications for force measurement can include:

  • Cranes and winches
  • Tension measurements in vehicles and vessels
  • Compression measurements in forklift trucks, reach stackers, overhead cranes and gantry cranes.

The signaling can be adapted to your application. Standard interfaces are 4…20mA current loop, CANopen and CANopen Safety.

Hirschmann MCS makes every effort to produce and supply sensors that deliver consistently repeatable and reproducible results. Hence, these sensors are highly durable and are thoroughly tested. Each measuring body and case is made of rust-proof special steel, ensuring high safety against overload and breakage. Before delivery, every sensor of the fSENS Series receives a calibration sheet and a final inspection document showing that it complies with current design and product regulations.

Features and Benefits

Common features of the fSENS family are:

  • Reliable and exact measurement results
  • Standardized and customized
  • Superior linearity and accuracy (≤ ±1 %)
  • Nominal forces ranging from single digits to thousands of kN
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sensors with E-modulus compensation also available
  • IP66/67 protection class
  • Use under extreme environmental conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +80°C)
  • Diverse range of sensor interfaces (passive, current loop, voltage, digital buses, etc.)
  • Integrated safety

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