Hirschmann iSCALE Modular Control System

iSCALE Control System

The Hirschmann iSCALE Control System provides efficient, future-proof control solutions which are engineered to meet the requirements of any mobile machine application. The system’s modular design delivers a flexible control platform which enables customization to meet individual demands while incorporating the latest safety standards.

The new iSCALE Control System consists of central processing units (CPUs) which range from low-end to high-end controls that are available with a modular system design of I/O and communication options. The controls combine 32-bit microprocessor technology with an integrated system for safety related applications in a compact housing designed for harsh environments.

Flexible System Control Architecture for perfect customization.

The iSCALE Control System was designed to control and monitor machine function, while offering the option of Load Moment Indicator (LMI). The system’s versatility enables it to be installed on virtually any machine. This scalable approach allows it to be used in any application from monitoring standard control solutions to the most complex custom-control solutions. The iSCALE Control System gives OEMs the flexibility to cost-effectively tailor the input and output components as needed, rather than engineering their own custom solutions. Components can be mixed and matched, depending on the application.


The following component types are available for the iSCALE system:

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