Hirschmann pSENS Pressure Measurement Sensors

pSENS Pressure Measurement Sensors

Hirschmann pSENS Pressure Transducers measure high static and dynamic pressure of liquids or gases in rough operating environments.

You have the choice between three different product lines depending on the size and accuracy needed:

  • pSENS DAVS Superior – standardized or customized with high quality and accuracy
  • pSENS DAVC Compact – ultra-compact dimensions and high repeatability with minimal long-term drift
  • pSENS DAVE Economic – cost-effective with excellent vibration and shock resistance

Measuring static and dynamic Hydraulic Forces

Pressure measurement sensors are commonly used for hydraulic control systems in mobile machines. Load Moment Indication (LMI) systems for example use these pressure values together with other data for calculating the load moment of a hydraulic crane.

Common features of the pSENS family are:

  • Rugged design for reliable operation in challenging environments
  • Operational safety under extreme conditions
  • Made of robust stainless steel
  • Highly resistant to industrial liquids and gases
  • Pressure measurement up to 600 bar
  • Large overload capacity (>200 %)
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +85 °C
  • Temperature compensation -25°C to +85 °C
  • IP 67 protection rating
  • Easy installation and startup
  • Reverse battery polarity and short-circuit protection
  • Pressure connection with different threads (standard: G ¼”) and suitable hydraulic adapters
  • Long service life

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