Cold Weather Work

It’s Winter… Are You Geared Up for Safety?

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Winter is upon us, whether we like it or not. Odds are that you don’t like it, but Mother Nature doesn’t really take our opinions into account when deciding just how nasty she’s liable to be. You can, however, defeat the effects of cold weather on your body simply by making sure you’re wearing the […]

Loyola Hospital Rooftop 3D vs Real

Lift Planning Project: 3D Concept to Completion

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We were very busy in August helping a multitude of customers accomplish big things. Since 1989, the people with whom we’ve worked have told us that they love our service. Part of what makes us a great strategic partner for our customers comes from the careful planning that our field experts do to help make […]

Jane Byrne Flyover Construction

Our Cranes at the Jane Byrne Interchange

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As hundreds of thousands of Chicago commuters know, a massive reconstruction project has been underway at the Jane Byrne Interchange which shut down the “Ike” temporarily. Furthermore, access to Congress from the Kennedy Expressway was closed due to this construction until August 31, 2015. The project will take place over several nonconsecutive weekends, and work began August […]

Maeda VS Spydercrane

Maeda Crane vs. Spydercrane: A Functional Comparison

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Many of our clients come to us requesting recommendations for the mini crane that is best suited to their project needs. Any crane rental is a major investment, and it’s important to understand the capabilities and limitations of a piece of equipment before committing to a lease. Maeda and Spydercrane are two of the industry’s […]

Training 7 Tips

7 Tips for Selecting a Crane Training Provider

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Contracting a company to train your personnel is never an easy task, especially when it comes to training for activities that are essential for your business. The wrong choice cannot only hurt your production and bottom line, but can also affect the safety of your workers. We would like to thank Industrial Training International for […]

Manitowoc 1800

Manitowoc 18000: The Ultimate in Strength & Mobility

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Since branching into the Midwest’s crawler market in 2004, Stevenson Crane has built a fleet of powerful, durable, and reliable cranes, ranging from 80- to 825-ton capacity. Our cranes are often used for larger steel, pre-cast projects, and also for projects at refineries, wind farms, bridges, and power plants. Because crawler cranes are mounted on […]