Gehl Telehandlers

Get Yourself a Gehl: Now Is the Best Time In History!

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Considered the “Swiss Army Knives” of the job site, telehandlers are some of the most useful, rugged, economical, and (frankly) cool pieces of equipment out there. Telescoping material handlers (a.k.a. “telehandlers), commonly referred to as “Lulls” because of the original (now discontinued) manufacturer, perform a wide variety of tasks lifting and hauling material of all […]

Manitou MHT Series

Bring Out the Big Guns: Manitou MHT Telehandlers

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Where a telescoping material handler is needed, you can be sure that Stevenson Crane can fit the bill with our line of Manitou Telehandlers. We’re proud to feature the Manitou MHT Series, powerful telescopic handlers that can handle jobs from 17,600 lbs. with the MHT 780 all the way to 50,000 lbs. boasted by the MHT 10225. These […]

SunCoke Telehandler

Telehandlers Improve Oven Efficiency at Coke Plant

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Over the course of several weeks, the Stevenson Crane crew has been busy at work at a plant in the Chicagoland area where coke is made. Coke is a solid fuel created by heating coal to remove impurities such as water, coal-gas, and coal-tar resulting in a high-carbon-content fuel source for the smelting of iron as […]