[Video] Featured Project: Goldhofer In Action With Rigging Crew

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Stevenson Rigging Project Featuring Goldhofer

The Stevenson Family’s newest business, Stevenson Crane, Rigging & Heavy Haul, has been working hard this summer moving large and heavy items for various types of companies including those in the mechanical, HVAC, industrial, manufacturing, and energy sectors. Among the more popular items moved are large electric-power transformers with weights measuring hundreds of thousands of pounds and which require careful and precise handling during transit and installation.

Heavy Hauling With a Goldhofer

On a hot August day, “The Lifting Professionals” from Stevenson debuted an awesome piece of engineering to help with the installation of a transformer at an electric sub-station: the Goldhofer Modular Heavy Transport System.

When moving a large and sensitive piece of machinery such as a transformer, it’s important to keep the load moving smoothly with as little shock as possible. The Goldhofer heavy-duty modules feature a rock-solid German-engineered construction that allows for precise lateral stability. It has a torsion-resistant frame structure made from special steel to support even the heaviest of cargo. Hydraulic axle compensation and swing-axle design keeps the vehicle steady and stable on uneven terrain making for a smooth ride to the destination.

The Goldhofer’s unique all-wheel steering mechanisms allow for extreme precision in maneuvering around a jobsite. To get the equipment to the destination, the steering system can be switched to a road-ready mode allowing for the modules to be transported on the expressway.

Watch the Video

This video shows one of our Liebherr All-Terrain Cranes working with two Goldhofer trailers pulled by one of our powerful tractors to position a transformer within the power sub-station.

Check out the Goldhofer Modular Heavy Transport System and our other rigging capabilities.

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