When the Vikings Need a Lift, Who Did They Call?

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Stevenson Vikings JLG X600AJ

Stevenson Crane is excited to be helping out a major football franchise in preparation for the next season. A new sign needed to be installed by a local sign company. However, the installation called for an aerial lift that was light-weight, extremely compact, and has zero emission. The search was on for an answer.

The solution to the problem: Our JLG X600AJ. This unique electric crawler boom lift is ideal for getting workers where they need to be, indoors and outside, with outstanding versatility. Its 60-foot platform height allows it to tackle tall jobs. But, what’s really unique about this machine is that it is on non-marking rubber tracks. The tracks on this aerial lift give it not only excellent traction for a variety of terrains, but it distributes the weight of the machine across a broader surface. Unlike standard wheels which could place hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch focused into a small area, the tracks allow for better weight distribution to help avoid damaging delicate pavement, tile, or other surfaces when moving.  Four self-leveling outriggers provide excellent stability, even on uneven ground. Plus, it’s super compact when stowed.

Stevenson’s own sign and vehicle lettering shop got to work before the unit shipped out on its journey. Instead of our signature orange, silver, and black lettering, this machine was not only lettered with the Viking’s official NFL logo, but our own “Stevenson” logo was made purple and black in good sportsmanship to the team.

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    Business is all about supporting true customer needs… They just do not teach that in business school today…

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