Upcoming Project? Here’s How To Pick The Right Crane

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So much of getting the job done right depends on having the proper tools. That’s true no matter how big or small the tool is — including choosing the right piece of heavy equipment for whatever task you need to complete. For example, choosing the right crane for your project is essential not only because of how effectively and efficiently it can get the job done for you, but also because choosing the wrong crane for your job could create a dangerous situation on your job site.

Choosing a crane that meets your needs means thinking about your project and asking yourself a few key questions. Here are some of the most important questions you need to consider before choosing a crane for your project.

How high is the work to be done? One of the most basic details you’ll need to know before choosing a crane is how high the crane should reach. In addition to the length of the crane’s boom, you’ll need to be aware of how wind conditions at the height will affect the crane. The higher you are, the stronger the effect of the wind will be. The height also determines the amount of counterweight your crane will require.

How much weight needs to be lifted? The weight of the load you need to lift is another crucial factor to consider for choosing a crane. The weight of the load not only determines the lifting capacity of the crane you’ll need, but the height combined with the weight factors into the size of the crane to use.

What kind of terrain is the work being done on? Depending on the condition of the terrain on the job site, you may need to make some special considerations for your crane. For example, you want to be certain that the ground underneath your crane will be stable enough for the crane’s support legs. If the ground on the job site is too soft or uneven for truck-mounted cranes, you may need to consider a crane with a wider base or a crawler crane that features treads instead of wheels.

What kind of access will you have on the site? In a perfect world, you would be able to just drop the crane next to where you need it and get the job done without hassle. In the real world, however, it’s rarely that simple. If you have a job site where access is restricted (which is to say, practically every job site), consider a boom truck or a crane suited for rough terrain that can get you closer to the work.

Are there any obstacles in the way of your work? Other buildings, power lines and trees can get between your crane and the work it needs to do. If there are any obstacles between the crane and the work, it can influence the type of crane you may need. For example, nearby trees or power lines could get tangled in the pendant station cables of the crane’s control scheme, which could mean that it’s a better idea to get a crane with radio controls.

Choosing the right crane is more than a matter of figuring out how high it has to reach. There are a number of factors that should play a role in the type of crane you’ll need for your project.

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3 Responses to "Upcoming Project? Here’s How To Pick The Right Crane"
  1. Joy Butler says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that knowing the weight to be lifted is an essential factor to be considered when choosing a crane. I have to emphasize it to my uncle who is in need of this kind of service. Since his knowledge on this is a little bit limited, it would be best that I forward this information to him.

  2. Katie Wilson says:

    I agree that you want to consider how much weight you need to be lifted before choosing a crane. It would be good to consider the weight you need to lift so that you know the right crane to rent. My husband and I need a crane, so we’ll have to consider the weight we need to be lifted first.

  3. Millie Hue says:

    It really helped when you said that choosing the right crane should be based on the terrain that you have as well for easy access. I will share this tip with my best friend since they need to rent one fast. This is because they plan to have the dormitory built and finished until next year. Since the lot they bought is in a smooth ground, they can easily choose any equipment to rent.

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