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Safe, Expert Operation

Many of our cranes are available for bare rental to be operated by a member of your team, but we also offer cranes and equipment operated by highly skilled and trained Local #150 Crane Operators.

With an outstanding OSHA record, expert lift planning, and our nationally and locally certified and licensed operators, you can trust that we have the best solutions for all your lifting needs. Your safety and productivity are our top priorities.

Contact Stevenson Crane Service for bare rentals or rentals with a Stevenson certified crane operator.

Stevenson Crane Service Currently Offers:

  • Easy, no hassle services
  • Thousands of hours of knowledgeable on-the-job experience available for your site situation
  • Excellent OSHA safety record and industry-low EMR
  • Engineering, GPR Scans, project management, and site review service
  • Logistical equipment management and support services
  • Turn-key plan equipment and machinery install
  • In-depth and unparalleled understanding inner-city requirements and special issues for downtown Chicago
  • Street permits, traffic control, and planning services
  • Unique rigging and lifting equipment
  • 24/7 availability and emergency services
  • Equipment new and used sales complete with maintenance and financing options
  • Equipment repair and parts service
  • Safety and risk management assessment with insurance options across bare rented equipment
  • Competitive prices


Request a Quote

Whether you are inquiring about crane rental or purchasing some equipment such as aerial lifts, telehandlers, or electric cranes, we’re happy to be of assistance.

Bolingbrook, IL

410 Stevenson Drive
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Phone: (630) 972-9199
Fax: (630) 972-0303

South Holland, IL

16675 Van Dam Rd
South Holland, IL 60473
Phone: (219) 972-9199
Fax: (219) 972-0303

Gary, IN

1 N Broadway St
Gary, IN 46401
Phone: (219) 972-9199
Fax: (219) 972-0303

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