Pilot Plant Case Study

Case Study: Pulling Out All the Stops

The full range of Stevenson Crane’s expertise in rigging, machinery moving, and heavy hauling was on display during the Pilot Plant project.

Stevenson Crane provided all of the diverse equipment and expertise that was needed from its own fleet. No subcontracting was necessary. Stevenson Crane had it all covered.

An Innovative Project from Start to Finish

The Pilot Plant project involved erecting a new Pilot Plant within an existing building in Naperville, IL.

Pilot plants are how companies make huge leaps forward. They are experimental spaces where new technology or processes can be tested and implemented. 

Stevenson Crane supplied all equipment, cranes, trucking, rigging equipment, labor, engineered drawings, and management to complete this install. Everything came from Stevenson Crane’s own fleet and in-house team of experts.

Due to the advanced nature of the equipment involved, Stevenson Crane was a proud partner in maintaining proprietary security throughout all phases of the project.

This project had many unique features and requirements:

  • Tight physical constraints. Mere inches to spare horizontally and vertically.
  • A full range of Stevenson Crane capabilities, including cranes, aerial work platforms, fork trucks, telehandlers, operators, machinery movers, trucking, engineering, and project management.
  • Strategic, high-precision lifting in an interior space. This was performed with a unique 4-leg, 44A hydraulic powered 200-ton gantry system.
  • Plant sections had to remain level within 1” while resting on the trailer. Special shims and cribbing were used to provide level.
  • A strict timeline and schedule, with limited early access to information due to proprietary equipment.
  • Coordination with an out-of-country logistics firm.
  • Additionally, Stevenson Crane supplied waterproofing and re-wrapped sections after unloading because zero moisture permeation was allowed.

Special Highlight: Precision Maneuvering

When lifting the pilot plant sections inside the building, sections could only be picked by a 4-point gantry lift at designated lifting areas. Since the sections absolutely had to remain level, special leveling and measuring equipment was used by Stevenson Crane experts during the raising and lowering of the pieces.

This is an uncommon task that requires highly skilled operators and is a great example of the wide range of capabilities offered by the pros at Stevenson Crane.

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