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The JLG X1000AJ compact crawler boom gives you a 106’ working height and 56’ 5” up and over reach, with an industry-leading 500 lb. unrestricted platform capacity.

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Articulating Booms Lifts

Check out the world’s tallest articulating boom lift (JLG 1500AJP) featuring a category-leading work envelope, up-and-over height of 60 feet, a working outreach of 75 feet, and platform capacity of 600 pounds unrestricted and 1,000 pounds restricted.

Articulating booms are aerial work platforms with multiple boom sections that hinge — or “articulate” — allowing the operator to gain access to work areas over obstacles and barriers.

Move vertically or horizontally and get around obstacles. Articulating boom lifts give you the extra reach you need to work over and around obstacles on the job site. They offer exceptional outreach, high capacity, versatile performance and easy maintenance. The larger work envelope on an articulating boom lifts provide the ability to lift up, over and out with precise positioning for ultimate versatility in hard-to-access work areas.

  • Great for confined work areas
  • Very maneuverable – good for moving over obstacles
  • Good for working indoors
  • Two functioning joints add working length to this vehicle
  • Can be positioned in a variety of ways
  • Available with gas or electric power

Articulating Boom Lifts

MakeModelPlatform HTHoriz. ReachWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart/Spec Sheet
JLG340AJ33' 10"19' 11"6' 04"9,700Download
JLG450AJ45' 00"25' 00"7' 09"12,650Download
HaulotteHA46JRT45' 11"30' 02"7' 07"15,435Download
JLG600AJ60' 07"39' 09"8' 02"22,740Download
Bil-Jax55XA55' 03"33' 05"5' 8"6,000Download
GenieZ60/3460' 04"36' 03"8' 01"22,520Download
GenieZ80/6078' 00"60' 00"8' 02"37,500Download
JLG800AJ80' 00"51' 10"8' 02"34,300Download
JLGH800AJ51' 10"51' 10"8' 00"35,400Download
HaulotteHA100JRT97' 09"69' 11"10' 11"46,526Download
JLG1250AJP125' 00"63' 02"8' 02"44,000Download
GenieZ-135/70135' 00"69' 09"12' 11"44,900Download
GenieZX-135/70135' 00"69' 09"16' 06"45,200Download
JLG1500AJP150' 00"75' 00"16' 01"57,400Download

Electric Boom Lifts

MakeModelPlatform HTHoriz. ReachWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart/Spec Sheet
JLGE300AJP29' 05"20' 01"4' 00"15,400Download
GenieZ30/20N RJ30' 00"21' 05"3' 11"14,220Download
HaulotteHA32CJ+31' 10"23' 08"3' 11"15,960Download
HaulotteHA33JE32' 10"21' 08"4' 5"13,007Download
GenieZ34/22DC34' 06"22' 03"4' 10"11,400Download
JLGE400AJP40' 00"22' 05"4' 11"13,700Download
GenieZ40/23N RJ40' 05"22' 08"4' 11"15,300Download
HaulotteHA43JE42' 08"27' 08"4' 11"16,097Download
JLGE450AJ45' 00"23' 09"5' 9"14,400Download
GenieZ45/25J45' 09"25' 00"5' 10"15,850Download
JLGM600JP60' 04"44' 05"7' 11"16,050Download

Where technical information has been gathered, it has been compiled from information provided from a variety of third parties, and is presented for information purposes only and may be changed.

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