Rental Cranes

Rental Cranes

Stevenson Crane has been a leading provider of construction cranes since 1989. Many of our cranes are available for bare rental to be operated by a member of your team. We also offer cranes operated by highly skilled and trained Local #150 Crane Operators. Your safety and productivity are our top priorities. With an outstanding OSHA record, expert lift planning, and our nationally certified and licensed operators, you can trust that we have the best solutions for all your lifting needs.

Stevenson Crane is your go-to source in Chicago for crane rentals of all types. We have a number of specialized cranes for rent that are sure to provide the solutions you require for your challenging construction project.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the many types of cranes we have available for rent:

  • Crawler Cranes: Stevenson Crane has a great selection of newer crawler crane models, ranging from 50-ton capacity to 300-ton capacity. No matter how heavy the load, Stevenson Crane most likely has a crawler crane that can get the job done for you, and they’re available for nationwide rentals.
  • Rough Terrain Cranes: When the ground on your construction site is rugged or uneven, you need a crane that can handle the terrain. Stevenson Crane’s selection of rough terrain cranes range in capacity from 30 tons to 160 tons, and can maneuver on virtually all types of ground. Although these cranes can tackle nearly any type of rough terrain, they are not road-ready and must be hauled to and from the job site.
  • All-Terrain Cranes: When it comes to maximum capacity, maneuverability and safety, nothing beats the all-terrain cranes manufactured by Liebherr and rented by Stevenson Crane. When you rent one of these exceptional machines for your project, you’ll also receive the expertise of our highly trained Local #150 Crane Operators to help ensure the smoothest deployment and operation on your job site.

Crane Categories

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Contact Stevenson Crane Service For Bare Rentals Or Rentals With A Stevenson Certified Crane Operator.

Since 1989 Stevenson Crane Service’s Rental Division Has Delivered:

  • Request a quote from Stevenson CraneEasy Rental Execution – low hassle process
  • Knowledgeable Professional Service – hundreds of hours of on the job crane experience
  • Excellent Quality & Safety Record – ASA Chicago 11-year safety award winner, Crane & Rigging Group Safety Award recipient every year of SC&RA membership, ZERO Accidents Award every year of SC&RA membership, Perfect OSHA record and industry-low EMR
  • Specialist Assistance Including Expert Lift Planning – Stevenson Crane Rentals has experience finding solutions for the most challenging lifts. Stevenson offers full-service, turn-key project planning and execution resources for our clients. As a strategic partner, we work with you to provide comprehensive solutions designed to provide the utmost in safety and profitability for your company
  • Competitive Crane Rental Prices – keeping you on budget
  • Rigging & Equipment – cranes come with standard rigging, unique rigging available
  • 24/7 Crane Service – Stevenson Crane’s in-house team has mobile units ready to keep your project on-schedule

Stevenson Crane Service’s Rental Management Services Include:

  • Download Credit Ap - Stevenson CraneTransportation
  • Full Maintenance Options
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Programs
  • Insurance Programs
  • Financing Options