Stevenson Rental Features Highly Portable Jekko Mini Crawler Cranes

Stevenson Crane Rentals telescopic Boom crawler mini crane Jekko SPK 60

Stevenson highly portable Jekko Mini Crawler Crane line-up includes the Jekko SPK60 with a lifting capacity of 13,225 lbs. & max reach of 88′ 6″

mini crane Jekko SPK 60

Applications Include:

Industrial Maintenance Indoor & Outdoor
Shopping malls, ships, museums, schools, hospitals, exhibition halls as well as airports, sports grounds, roads, leisure parks, graveyards, houses, railways.

Constructions & Building
All kinds of building work, from housing to civil engineering.

Mining, Oil, Nuclear, Chemical, Drilling And Military Sectors
These specific fields demand the highest standards in terms of accuracy, light-weight tools & handiness.

Glass Pane Handling
Installation of glazing and curtain walling on buildings & skyscrapers, handling glass panes & non-porous materials using hydraulic manipulators & vacuum lifters.

Select the Jekko Mini Crawler Crane that is best for your project

View Portable Cranes

MakeModelCapacityBoom LengthJib LengthTotal Weight (lbs)*Load Chart
JekkoMPK 10W1,950 lbs13' 8"2' 7"4,180*Download
JekkoSPX 424
5,290 lbs27’ 1” 30’ 2” 4,906*Download
JekkoSPX 5275,955 lbs 39’ 7” 36’ 1”
JekkoSPX 1040 8,800 lbs
47’ 7”
24’ 7”
JekkoSPX 1275
16,354 lbs

53’ 3”
JMGMC 327,000 lbs13' 1"2'6,600*Download

*Additional crane components can add additional weight.

View Jekko Vacuum Glass Manipulator Attachments

MakeModelCapacityTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart
JekkoMR 800.41,760 lbs1,764Download

View Herkules Portable Rooftop Crane

MakeModelCapacityBoom LengthJib LengthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart
HerkulesRK11-311 MK II17,303 lbs34' 00"8'13,670Download

Stevenson’s Jekko Mini Crawler Cranes are highly portable and ideal for indoor or outdoor construction projects where space is tight. These cranes have capacities ranging from 1,950 pounds to 13,325 pounds. We maintain this equipment with pride and attention to detail, so you can be assured a safe and profitable project.

Stevenson Crane’s Jekko Mini Crawler Cranes are produced by leading world manufacturers of mini cranes with more than 45 years of experience in the lifting and handling sector. These products are engineered to meet customers’ specific requirements and are designed to operate in narrow places where space is restricted. Depending on the model, their compact size allows passage through a standard or double doorway. But their modest weight and slim dimensions come with no compromise to lifting capacity or working range, resulting in substantial operational benefits both indoors and outdoors.

Jekko offers a complete line of models equipped with diesel engine, electric motor or battery pack and a wide range of attachments including:

  • Hook or hydraulic jibs
  • Grabber manipulators for pipes and beams
  • Vacuum lifters for glass panes as well as lifting beams

All tools are fully integrated with the functions and safety devices of the base machine.

Stevenson’s Jekko Mini Crawler Cranes meet safety and compliance with all relevant regulations – in particular with the EN 13000 standard – to offer our customers innovative and safe products. Jekko Mini Crawler Cranes manufacturer’s products are supported by a professional technical department, reliable training and after-sales services.

Stevenson Crane’s Jekko Mini Crawler Crane Line-up Includes:

Telescopic mini crawler cranes;
With outriggers designed for easy transport and utmost handiness. These machines can work in very different places – slopes, stairs, passageways and difficult-to-reach places – and do not require long set-up: a new and convenient lifting system that ensures savings in terms of time and money as well as elevated safety levels and improved lifting performance.

The Minipickers are Pick & Carry self-propelled electric cranes;
Powered by a battery and radio-remote controlled. The Pick & Carry mode means that the crane doesn’t need to be stabilized and can move while handling the hoisted load. Suitable for work in warehouses or spaces where access is difficult for other cranes and where handling of heavy loads through doors is required. Minipickers are also used with Jekko hydraulic manipulators or vacuum lifters for handling and laying of glass panes, and their versatility is increased by tools such as winches, jibs, man baskets and lifting beams.

Telescopic crane on tracks with cab;
This is the only telescopic crawler crane with operator’s cab available on the market. It encompasses all the most advanced technological innovations: radio remote control, extensible not sure if extensible or extendible is correct…tracks, diesel engine or electric motor, 3-ton lifting capacity in Pick & Carry mode, hydraulic jib reaching a 27.5-m maximum height and over 50 configurations available. It is a  multipurpose crane that the most differing yards all over the world will appreciate.

Where technical information has been gathered, it has been compiled from information provided from a variety of third parties, and is presented for information purposes only and may be changed.

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