Lube-A-Boom Lubricants

LUBE-A-BOOM® Lubricants for Cranes, Telehandlers, and Aerial Lifts

Every piece of lifting equipment on a jobsite requires proper lubrication of moving parts for optimal performance. Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., is a preferred dealer of Lube-A-Boom Friction Reducing Lubricants – a product line used on our very own equipment.

The flagship product, Lube-A-Boom Grease, uses a synthetic thickener and contains PFTE to provide exceptional lubrication for sliding surfaces such as those found on the booms of cranes, aerial lifts, and telehandlers. With proper lubrication, the risk of boom chatter and pad wear is greatly reduced.

Lube-A-Boom not only offers users the benefit of boom grease in a variety of different sizes to be applied with a grease gun, but they also have several products which are available in convenient aerosol cans.

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