Using An 80,000 Capacity Telehandler To Place A 30 Ton Capacity Overhead Crane With Just Inches Of Side & Headroom

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Blog Author: Nick Misch, Sr. Project Manager, Stevenson Crane Service, Inc.

Installing an overhead crane is normally completed with the use of 2 mobile cranes, one on each end of the beam. Typically this is done before the roof is built which eliminates headroom issues. The beam must be turned 40° to enable it to fit onto the track before setting it into the final 90° operational position.

Stevenson Crane Service MHT12330 Clearance Dimensions section

This Section of the Overhead crane drawing highlights the “tight quarters” being faced.

Positioning an overhead crane into an existing structure with the roof already set provides for additional challenges. Originally the overhead crane company was planning on using 2 cranes when it quickly became evident that the 14.875” of height clearance dismissed the use of cranes.

Stevenson Crane Service was contacted to create a solution. The lift planners studied various options to handle the lifts in a relatively small area, due to the coils on the floor.

Overall Length Of Crane: 91’ 9”
Total End Clearance: 13”
Height Of Beam: 19’ – 7.5”
Height Clearance: 14.875”
Weight Of Each Beam: 32,350 lbs.
Height From Floor To Bottom Of Beam: 28’ 9”

One of the lift planners came up with an option that had never been tried before, “What about using a Telehandler?”

Stevenson Crane Service MHT12330

The second beam of the 30 Ton overhead crane is put into place by the Manitou MHT 12330 by Stevenson Crane Service.

The idea met initial resistance “A 50,000 lbs. Telehandler does not have the capacity to handle this.” The planner said, “What about the new 80,000 lb. Telehandler in our fleet?” A phone call later, everything was confirmed and the Manitou MHT12330 was dispatched to the job.

This piece of equipment proved to be a great choice. Its large capacity was more than enough to safely lift the load. The use of the forks added no height to the lift eliminating the minimal headroom concerns while the MHT12330’s tight turning radius and crabbing capabilities enabled operation in the confined area.

Time lapsed video of the TH12330 putting the first beam of the overhead crane into place. You will notice its extremely tight turning radius & crabbing ability.

The Manitou MHT12330 is a new addition to the Stevenson Crane Service fleet, and is the only one available in North America. Stevenson management was instrumental in the development of the 80,000-pound capacity Telehandler working closely with Manitou engineers. During the design of the MHT1230 Stevenson management was asked about what the applications would be. The response, “It Will Find Its Own Applications As They Are Not Yet Defined.” How true. How true.

Capacity: 80,000 lbs.
Boom Length: 39’
Max. Out Reach: 21’
Width: 9’ 9.5”

Stevenson Crane Service Manitou 80,000 lb MHT 12330 Telehandler

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