Rotating Telehandlers

Manitou Rotating Telehandlers

Telehandlers (Telescoping Material Handlers) are extraordinarily versatile machines available on the job site. Telehandlers are well suited for construction, public works, and industrial situations. They are much more than forklifts. With modular attachments, they can also sport buckets, crane winches, work platforms, and a variety of other tools.

The MRT family of rotating telehandlers gives you unparalleled lift height for carrying loads safely and efficiently several stories up. This equipment features telescoping outriggers for maximum stability and a tilt-correcting system for the utmost in safety. Manitou outfits these machines with the longest booms in the industry, and, when outfitted with the 3-hook jib, the MRT equipment can be used as a very capable crane. With spacious cabs, top-notch suspensions, and great handling, these machines are an operator’s dream come true.

With a full 360° rotation, various tasks can be executed without having to move the machine. The boom is a pentagonal box section boom which ensures precision when steering laterally — ridgity is preserved regardless of the amount of wear. This means the best in safety for you and your team. Furthermore, with the optional remote control, an operator can use these rotating telehandlers without being inside the cab.

Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., is a preferred North American dealer, and you can rely on Stevenson Crane and Manitou’s innovative technology and remarkable ruggedness to get the job done right.

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View the MRT Series Rotating Telehandlers

MakeModelCapacity (lbs)Boom LengthMax HeightMax ReachWidthTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart
ManitouMRT 25408,80080’'80'’ 8”"60'’ 08”"8’' 00”"35,483Download
ManitouMRT 215011,000’67'67'’ 7”"59'’ 4”"8’' 00”"37,842Download
ManitouMRT 325512,125103’'103'’ 7”"89’ 2”"8'’ 02”"52,880Download

Compatible Attachments

AttachmentsMRT 2150MRT 2540MRT 3255
Extendable Crane Jib with Winch max. capacity 1,700 lbs. PT-800XXX
5 Ton Winch - max. capacity 11,023XXX
PT 1000 Telescopic Jib w/ Winch - Capacity 2,200 lbsXX
Jib with Winch Capacity 4,409 lbs. PT2000XXX
Expandable Work Platform w/ 180 degree swing - Capacity 2,200 lbs.XXX
Bucket 1.3 Yard for MRT SeriesXX
Bucket 2 Yards for MRT SeriesXX