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WIKA PRS 90 - Reliable Multi-Sensor Indicator

PRS 90 – Reliable Multi-Sensor Indicator

Multi-Sensor Indicator for use in hydraulic, lattice, industrial, port, harbor and offshore crane applications.

The flexible design of PRS 90 allows for monitoring up to 8 wireless or wired sensors simultaneously. With an IP66 rating, the console offers a maximum level of performance under rough conditions.

WIKA qSCALE Ix Load moment indicator

qSCALE Ix – Load Moment Indicator

No programming – just configuration

The qSCALE Ix load moment indicator features a user-friendly HMI console with an easy to use step-by-step setup process. Graphic elements visualize the crane setup and allow easy verification with the crane configuration tool.

WIKA qSCALE maestro LMI upgrade solution

qSCALE Maestro – High-Performance Load Indicator

The qSCALE maestro is an upgrade solution for the DS150G, DS350G and existing maestro systems that are currently in the field. This system provides crane owners with a combination of the latest technology while incorporating many of the existing proven sensors and components.