Temporary Matting

Dura Base

These durable, 4.25” thick, 7’ X 14’ thermoplastic mats provide a uniformly stable surface and distribute the weight of extreme loads over an extensive area to keep your equipment performing safely while protecting the ground. The mats also have a built-in tread pattern that improves traction.

BRAVO Temporary Matting


Purposefully small and light, these mats weigh in at 50 lbs. for each 4’ X 4’ X 2.75” section. These mats are ideal for tight space and indoor use where forklifts or telehandlers cannot be used to set mats.

If you have access issues with poor ground conditions, or if you have ground or flooring that needs to separate weight due to loading constraints, consider temporary roadway & matting systems for your project needs.

Composite mat systems can play a vital role on construction sites by providing a solid yet temporary base for cranes, transport vehicles, and staging areas. We carry two types of engineered systems to cover all of your ground requirements: