Multi-Loader 6.0

AlmaCrawler Multi-Loader 6.0 Bi-Energy Crawler Carrier is a remote control mobile carrier with an optional crane attachment (hook only, no winch). The carrier without crane is rated at a capacity of 13,227 lbs and has a platform size of 7’ 10” X 3’ 7.5”. The carrier weighs 5,622 lbs and the crane arm will take up an additional 970 lbs and a little less than 2’ 9” of the platform length.

A great companion to small equipment confined space needs, the self-leveling function also allows it to manage up-to 25 degrees of grade as well as 25 degrees of side slope.

The optional crane arm is capable of handling 2,182 lbs at a 6.5’ radius, or a maximum of 14’ radius with 661 lbs.  The hook does not have a winch, and can reach a max height of 21’.  The crane boom can swing 105 degrees, favoring the opposite side of the deck from its mounting position.

The Bi-Fuel system allows this machine to run on a removable diesel engine, or to autonomously operate up-to 5 hours on an internal electric battery.  Overall width of the Multi-Loader on electric and without the crane arm allows for as narrow as 56” at 50.5” tall, or 71” wide at 36.5” tall.  The unit is 94.5” long.