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Glass Handling Equipment - Stevenson Crane Service, Inc

Glass Manipulators are incredible, detail-oriented machines:

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  • Steveson-Crane-Rentals-Glass-Handling-Equipment-applicationsCapable of perfectly positioning custom pieces of glass, including curved
  • Allow for installation angles other than 90-degree intervals
  • Perfect for installations on a 5/12 pitch roof
  • Installation from ground level to over 100 feet
  • Lift panels up to 1760 lbs.
  • Walk behind or crane mounted versions
  • One person glass transport and installation
  • Improve job efficiency and work environment
  • Unload glass truck racks and “A” Frames
  • Lift all air tight materials including: Glass, Granite, Concrete, Steel, Tile, Fire doors & More

Glass Manipulator Advantages Include:

  • Quicker installations
  • Less breakage and damage
  • Safer work site
  • Large size, weight and height capacity
  • Fast ROI (pays for itself quickly)
  • Safer than manual handling
  • Self-propelled or crane mounted

Stevenson Crane Rental Jekko Mini Cranes


Vacuum Glass Manipulators: Crane & Telehandler Attachments

MakeModelCapacityTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart/Spec Sheet
Gerenuk®5001,100 lbs1,590 lbs.Download
JekkoMR 800.41,760 lbs.1,764 lbs.Download
Ergo Robotic SolutionsSkyHook WPI2,800 lbs.1,600 lbs.Download

Vacuum Glass Manipulators: Self-Propelled

MakeModelCapacityTotal Weight (lbs)Load Chart/Spec Sheet
GLG GlassLift425924 lbs.1,027 lbs.Download
GLG GlassLift5501,212 lbs.3,197 lbs.Download
GLG GlassLift6801,500 lbs.3,693 lbs.Download


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Since 1989 Stevenson Crane Service’s Rental Division Has Delivered:

  • Request a quote from Stevenson CraneEasy Rental Execution – low hassle process
  • Knowledgeable Professional Service – hundreds of hours of on the job crane experience
  • Excellent Quality & Safety Record – ASA Chicago 11-year safety award winner, Crane & Rigging Group Safety Award recipient every year of SC&RA membership, ZERO Accidents Award every year of SC&RA membership, Perfect OSHA record and industry-low EMR
  • Specialist Assistance Including Expert Lift Planning – Stevenson Crane Rentals has experience finding solutions for the most challenging lifts. Stevenson offers full-service, turn-key project planning and execution resources for our clients. As a strategic partner, we work with you to provide comprehensive solutions designed to provide the utmost in safety and profitability for your company
  • Competitive Crane Rental Prices – keeping you on budget
  • Rigging & Equipment – cranes come with standard rigging, unique rigging available
  • 24/7 Crane Service – Stevenson Crane’s in-house team has mobile units ready to keep your project on-schedule

Stevenson Crane Service’s Rental Management Services Include:

  • Download Credit Ap - Stevenson CraneTransportation
  • Full Maintenance Options
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Programs
  • Insurance Programs
  • Financing Options