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Their modest weight and slim dimensions of mini cranes allow access to places that normal cranes cannot reach. Tracked versions allow for proper weight spread to significantly reduce point loading on your interior building floors, and rugged outdoor versions can handle tough jobs in tight spaces.

Stevenson Crane Service manages the largest fleet line of Shuttlelift brand carrydeck cranes in the Midwest, available in capacity ranges from 8.5 to 25 tons. These cranes are designed for primarily industrial use with low profile designs.

Jekko Mini Crawler and Minipicker Cranes are highly portable and ideal for indoor or outdoor construction projects where space is tight. These cranes have capacities ranging from 1,950 pounds to 16,500 pounds and come with either electric or gas-powered engines.

All attachments are fully integrated with the functions and safety devices of the base machine. We carry a large variety of different products to fit your needs, including:

  • Robotic arms
  • Cantilever beams
  • Wheeled and tracked machines
  • Equipment designed to be safe for floors
  • Extended cable drums